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I’ve been fuming about this comment left on a comment I left on a blog post my friend wrote about Miley Cyrus’s racial tone deafness (nicest possible way i can frame that) back when it was momentarily central to discussing intersections of race and gender and ways almost everyone seems to find a way to be shitty about one if not both of those things.  I see from the date it was during my tour with mc chris, Tribe One, and Dr Awkward.

My comment was a sarcastic dismissal of a white guy complaining that people who enjoy being offended love to call things racist and would probably call him racist for pointing out that obvious fact and other tiresome classics.  I wasn’t really helping, I just like to express disapproval to dissuade chumps from taking up space with that kind of noise.  I don’t always know that I’m not making things worse.

But this dude… I mean we can skip right over him being rude about my body, except to note that he definitely had to do research to call me that and quote my bio or wherever he got the rap legend thing from, and I don’t even have a complaint in particular about him saying I’m an “appropriator of Black culture” because there are sources from which I owe that argument some deference.  I think.

But you know how I know “Stokely Carmichael” is white?  The basic and terrible bias demonstrated in his last remark.  The one that I haven’t been able to stop barking about in my head for seven months.  He called the Black artists I work with TOKENS?

He’ll never see this, but my open letter response to that is FUCK YOU, GARBAGE DICK.  I am the fucking sidekick when I have the honour of working with any of my friends you could have been tarring with that foul slur.  I am NOT the protagonist in that story.  I wish I had the opportunity to show you that you’re such a sick white supremacist that you gave a white guy you HATE the credit of being the main event while much more talented, harder working, better Black artists were relegated to my chosen “tokens.”

I fucking hate you.  I hope I can stop thinking about this now.  I hate knowing people are viewing my heroes this way.

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All hail the witch doctor!

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More of the beautiful coastline from the north end of #capebreton island.







never forget April O’Neil started out as a black woman


I did not know!

how did I not know this.


THEY USUALLY UM don’t pay attention or care but it seems v significant to me. Also Baxter Stockman, but I guess they changed him back now?

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Mental health

I have neglected posting to Tumblr for so long basically because I’m not really much of a paragraph writer.

I suppose I should change that tonight by stating that I’m self-diagnosing myself on why I feel the way I do about certain things and avoiding social situations as well as my anger problems and horrible depression.

Signs are pointing to Bipolar Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder with traits from Borderline Personality Disorder. Every shrink I ever had since I was a mid-teen wouldn’t diagnose me, they would only tackle minor traits that I complained about. None having been fixed; ever.

I’ve been a guinea pig for antidepressants for as long as I can remember. It’s really given my brain quite the hammering. One must admit when he or she has a problem and as I have friends apparently (bit of APD showing there whoops) I thought I would just air that out. Why? Why not.


22 hours and all I took was one picture off the train #newbrunswick #whatstorm